Case Study: PatchMoi Jeans - Online Retailer

What it is

In 2015 I helped develop concepts around a unique online retail experience, jeans that could be customized through a combination of etching and decorative patches.

Our Challenge

The customization sequence needed to be extremely simple and user friendly. The retailer was seeking a fashion-conscious audience as well, so the final design needed to be elegant. Most of all, the experience had to be mobile-friendly.

Our Approach


Drawing is an important part of my process, and for this project I worked my initial concepts in a drawing app for IPad called "Paper".

Patchmoi sketch 1 of 4
Patchmoi sketch 2 of 4
Patchmoi sketch 3 of 4
Patchmoi sketch 4 of 4

Wireframes & Prototyping

Because interaction was so important to the final design, and because optimizing for mobile was so important, I opted for an html prototype rather than drawn wireframes. I mocked up a functional click-through using ZURB's Foundation html framework, with some additional JQuery components.

PatchMoi Wireframe

Visual Design

For the visual design, I further reduced the number of elements on the page in order to keep the focus more squarely on the product. While hiding navigation elements in this way does have the potential to impact usability, in some instances its worth it in order to make the right visual impact.

PatchMoi Visual Design


While it might seem like designing for retail is worlds apart from designing an application the underlying principles remain the same. A good design can both meet user's needs as well as incentivize certain behaviors.